About Our School

St. Mary's CBSE School is a Tamilnadu Government recognized Co-educational Roman Catholic Christian School (A Christian Minority Institution), an autonomous body under the corporate management of the Diocesan Schools. Academic excellence along with excellence in Co-curricular activities towards the all-round development of students has been the hallmark of St. Mary’s over this two and a half decade of its educational service.

Excellence in academics is the top priority of our school. Teachers are the primary service providers in their classrooms. Our teachers are highly qualified, trained and experienced. They are highly motivated and committed to offer their best of service to the students under their care. This includes activity cum creativity based learning and use of most modern educational technologies offered by renowned companies in the field and is hired by the School.


Our Patron

A patron is crucial in helping a charity raise its credibility and help with promotion in gaining media interest. They are appointed to be able to draw upon their status within the world whether that is through being a celebrity, being top in their individual field (law, business, sport) or through being personally connected to a charity’s cause. HOPE are exceptionally lucky to have some key patrons who have dedicated their time to assist in promoting our work and helping us raise vital funds.


Our Aim

St. Mary’s authentic and challenging curriculum promotes inquiry-based learning. Assessments and conceptual understanding of state standards are at the core of each educational decision we make. Our ultimate goal is to provide an engaging academic program that fosters a passion for learning. We empower our children to be life-long learners who are not only literate, but also communicative, culturally sensitive, respectful of others and prepared to be future leaders who will take action and create a better world